In the last year, Dubai has gained an influx of tourists because of the infamous Expo. This Expo features pavilions of different countries promoting their culture, history, art, and more. The locals of the area have also enjoyed the visits to this enormous setup, and they dress up nicely and have a good day of exploration and amusement with their families. The women of Dubai usually wear Abaya, and there are various designs they can wear to the Expo to impress and represent the quality. There are options for outlets and luxury abaya Dubai online purchases for women around.

Here are a few best designs of Abaya that you can wear at the Expo:

  • Pastel colors: Pastel colors always promote a formal and sophisticated look, and what’s better than appearing calm on a busy day like an expo. You can dress up as a complete fashion diva by pairing your Abaya with a soft hijab, pencil heels, and a clutch of a darker color. You can also put light make-up on. Pastel colors would be highly fashionable, and they will also keep the heat away.
  • Classic black Abaya: Nothing can beat the traditional black cloak. Even though there are many new colors and shades available now, the modesty of black is unbeaten. You can wear it with pastel hijabs and all the accessories matching it. You can wear a cross-body clutch and finish your look with sunglasses over your head. You will look fabulous and stunning in complete attire.
  • Printed design: Prints are always trendy, and there is nothing better than a printed abaya on a functionally colorful day like an expo. Many varieties are available for you, and you can always dress up in any color you prefer. The printed abayas are already very colorful and funky; it is better to keep the accessories simple and gain a look.
  • Floral Abaya: Flowers are trendy, fashionable, and look elegant and delicate. Many new designers have brought floral prints in trend, and they are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. You can find an abaya with a floral pattern and wear it with a solid color hijab. You will look extraordinarily likable and composed.
  • Designer Abaya: There are many new varieties of different types of cut designs in Abaya. You can find lengths, tails, fashioned sleeves, necklines to appear more fashionable and bolder. Designer abayas are a little more costly than the regular ones, but their class and standard are different.
  • Abaya with Ornaments: A heavy abaya is also a showstopper at an event like Expo. You can find various pearls and diamond designs attached to the cloth that presents royalty and elitism.

Abayas in the year 2021 are prettier than any other clothing. If you want to appear different and sophisticated between the people, you should head down to a store or look for luxury abaya Dubai online. You can skim through Hanayen to check their designs and new volumes. Order here and get your secret to looking stunning between thousands of people.

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