Australian Visit Options for Indian Nationals

Subclass 600, or the tourist stream, is the permit that lets in any foreign national planning to go for a trip to Australia, with which he can fly and be in the country for a period not exceeding three months. But the most important condition to applying for a tourist stream visa is to have a purpose for the visit that is not related to business or medical. For example, it can be to meet up with family members, see a friend living in Australia, enter the country on a cruise trip, or take a tour of the country. 

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Australian Visit Visa Streams

It is a temporary permit that lets any foreign national enter the Australian boundary and stay there for a shorter duration. Under this visa option, the person cannot work or study during the period. There are mainly five different options available for foreign national planning to visit the country. They are as follows:

Business Class

The visa option permits businessmen from any foreign country to travel and stay in Australia for three months. The person must be visiting to attend any conference, lectures, training, meetings, or other business activities that will help grow his company.  


It is a golden chance for foreign nations to explore the country. This type of Australian visa lets any person holding it enter and stay in the country for a period that does not exceed a year. He is permitted to travel on a cruise or visit his family and friends under the option. 


This visa type lets people stay in the country for a short term if sponsored by any family member who is a PR or citizen in Australia and has completed 18 years of age. To apply, they must produce proof that shows that the person and his sponsor have a good relationship with each other.

Approved Destination

It is a visit stream designed to let citizens from some regions of China enter and stay in the country for a specified period. It is required for them to come on a tour organized by a travel agent approved by the government of Australia. 

Frequent Traveler

It applies to any citizen in the People’s Republic of China who frequently wants to come to Australia. The reason for the travel may be for business or personal purposes. The visa validity is ten years, during which the person should stay at least three months every time he enters the country. Indian nationals looking forward to visiting Australia have three options, the tourist, family sponsorship, and business stream. Call the expert consultants to get a visit visa Australia from India applied today.

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Australian Visit Options for Indian Nationals

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