Australian Tourist Visa: The Costs Involved to Apply from UAE

Any person who is a resident in the United Arab Emirates must have a valid visit visa that is specified in Subclass 600 to enter the borders of Australia. You can apply for the same online on the official website or offline by visiting the visa application center near your place. You can also take the help of a consultant to apply for an Australia tourist visa from UAE.

If the documents you provide are correct and valid, then you will get the processing done within four to seven business days. After which you are free to fly to the country and have a happy time there. This article will take you through the stages that you will need to follow and the costs that are involved in getting a visa applied.

Which Stream to Apply?

There are mainly four visa options available under Subclass 600 for a person visiting Australia. They are as follows:

Business Class

It is a type of permit that is applicable only to people who are planning to visit the country solely for business needs. For example, it may be to attend any conference, lecture, training, visit the site, or meeting with a client.


It is a type that permits a person to visit Australia who has family members who are staying in the country. Under the option, the family member must be a PR who is above 18 years. In addition, he must be a sponsor for the visa.


It is a type of visa that allows people who are planning to take a tour of the country to stay there for a maximum of twelve months. It permits them to go on a cruise to meet their family members living there.


It is a type that permits people who need any medical treatment to visit the country and stay there for a period that ranges from three months or until their treatment period is complete. They can take the treatment in an Australian clinic or under a doctor practicing there mentioned in the details produced by them.

How Much Does It Cost?

The person applying for a visit visa to Australia under Subclass 600 has the visa validity for a year. He is allowed to stay only for three months or until the date specified in the permit within the year. The fee involved to get a tourist visa applied is as follows:

Application Fee

The application fee that is required to be paid during the process is AED 584.70.

Flight Tickets

The cost of flight ticket booking for a single person for a round trip might cost a minimum of AED 5075.

Accommodation Per Month

The cost of a single-bedroom accommodation is AED 4510 in average in a city and AED 3500 in average outside the city.

Food Per Meal

One-time food in a restaurant may range from AED 53 to AED 262. If you are a UAE resident planning to take a tour of Australia, then contact the best immigrants and get it now.

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