Camel is the king of desserts, and what could be better than experiencing a ride in the area on its back? Camel trekking Dubai is one of the ancient practices in the Middle Eastern countries that numerous people have widely enjoyed. In the older times, people used camels to transport across deserts, but as the world changed and new transportation methods came in, the camels were utilized only as a fun activity for the visitors. Desert safari Dubai is a holistic activity that brings joy to people in waves of thrill and peak energy. 

It would be an easy and the best thing for people who have done it in their lives. But if you are somebody who is trying it for the first time, here are some guides that can help.

camel trekking
  1. Understanding Camel trekking: Camel trekking is like regular trekking, except rather than being on feet, one gets to climb up on the Camel, controlling and mobilizing it in different directions. You can think of it as similar to riding on horseback. The Camel can walk on the sand and also on the little mountains on the way. 
  1. How far can one go with Camel trekking? It depends upon how many treks you have signed up for. The rides could lie between hours and days based on how far you want to go. Some incredibly passionate people about camel trekking also move from one desert to another desert. 
  1. Is it safe to ride a camel? It is all about how cautious and attentive you are. There is no harm in riding the Camel if you know how to control and stabilize it. There are accidents in cases where people lose their grip while sitting or do not ride in the right way. There is nothing much to worry about since there are always guides with you who can help out. 
  1. Is Camel trekking legal? It differs upon the country you are visiting; in the case of Dubai, Yes, it is perfectly alright if you want to ride on a camel. The whole area offers various adventures related to camels and desert safari that can add to the thrill and experience of your overall visit. Many people may debate that it is unethical and animal cruelty, yet it is a legal practice. 
  1. How much does Camel trekking charge? The charges start from AED230 and rise depending on your time and other included facilities. It also depends on what company you opt for your travels and your budget. It is not very expensive, but it is neither cheap. 

Camel trekking Dubai is a fantastic adventure for people of all ages. Be it, children or adults, everybody would love to go around the desert to get a top view. Book your desert safari Dubai this year and include camel trekking as an activity, you will undoubtedly have a great experience, and you will learn a lot of things out of it too. 

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